AGM Imports introduces the latest craze in granite finishing. We recently invested in the state of the art, Italian made Breton Line Polisher. This machinery is an eco-friendly leathering machine that just came into the Southeastern United States in early 2012. It weighs in at a massive 20,000 pounds and uses 15,000 gallons of water per slab to create the leather finish. The Breton not only allows us to give a slab of granite a leathered finish, it also allows us to hone, polish, and even repair material.

This machine uses specific technology and 6 individual filtration tanks to recycle 100 percent of the water used in the leathering process. The water starts in a 10,000 gallon underground tank outside of our AGM Hardeville, SC warehouse. It then passes through 3 individual tanks before it goes into the filter press. The filter press is where the water becomes cleaner than your drinking water. Now the water goes into the Breton, where it is used along with 13 motors with 6 brushes each to continually grind and wash every slab sent through to create the leather texture. When it filters out of the machine the water runs back into the underground tank and the cycle begins all over again.

The entire leathering process takes about 15 minutes from start to finish. Each slab is placed on an automatic ramp that lowers onto a conveyor belt that takes it into the body of the machine where it is grinded with the motors and water. Then on the other side the slab is dried by a fan that is similar to a car wash dryer and once it is dried it is placed on another automatic ramp to be inspected by our skilled craftsmen before being removed from the machine.

We are extremely proud to have this investment as part of the AGM family and we are proud to be able to provide our customers with an exquisite, finish for their stone!

-Your Friendly Staff at AGM Imports

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