The company has just launched its newest machine for polishing supremacy. The PEDRINI Galaxy B220GB (best slabs polishing machine of its range) can do it all for any slab:

  • Honed
  • Honed Quartz
  • Brushed/Leathered
  • Caress
  • Repolish
  • Re-Resin and Polish
  • Calibrate/Repolish

Slabs can be completed from start to finish in just 10 minutes.

  • It weighs in at 26000 KG or 57320 lbs.
  • Pedrini has 12 heads & 24 motor machine
  • Eco-Friendly using 100% recycled (250 gallons per minute) water making it more efficient consuming less water per slab than any machine in the market

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